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Telecom Broker Network high definition hosted voice and data services over a dedicated secure all fiber network by leading edge providers.

Unified Communications

Telecom Broker Network Unified communications as a service integrates voice, messaging, and collaboration functions for a complete solution.

Cloud Services

Telecom Broker Network has the best cloud services for SMBs, project management (PM), accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and data backup.

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Telecom Broker Network Average Customer Savings

VoIP Savings


  • Based On 30 Users
  • $25/line Savings
  • 30% Productivity Boost
  • Less Carbon Pollution

UCaaS Savings


  • Based on 100 Employees
  • 20% Productivity Boost
  • Flexibility
  • Improved Collaboration

UC Time Savings

43 Min.

  • 43-Min/Day Avg. User
  • 55-Min/Day Mobile User
  • 100 Employees
  • 49,660 Hours/Year Savings

SIP Trunking


  • 500 - 20,000 Employees
  • 80% Increased Security
  • 35% Productivity Boost
  • Improved Collaboration

What Types Of Services Do Telecommunications Providers Supply

Today we are living in a globalized society. Distances have shrunk thanks to the improved communication methods. Practically everyone today owns a telephone at home, uses a cell phone, and has access to an internet connection. This is all thanks to the various telecommunications providers that have cropped up especially in the last two decades. The more competition there is, the more the customers will gain since high quality services will need to be provided at competitive rates.

Telephony is the most basic form of communication. The usages differ from one user to another and as a result telecommunications companies generally offer different packages so as to suit diverse needs and requirements. Most residential clients will call much less than a business for example.

As a result, the company will formulate different plans so as to attract more clients. Often cheaper rates are given to clients who make several calls, and there is also a difference in rates depending on the time of day when the call is made.

In these last few years many people bought a cell phone. At first this was considered to be more of a luxury rather than a need. But as years passed by we have reached a phase where practically every person owns a cell phone and uses it regularly. The type of usage differs. Some prefer to call whereas others prefer to send a text message.

Telecommunication companies needed to adapt to this increase in demand, as well as to different trends. They also provide different packages and plans, as well as varying rates.

Besides calls and messages, many clients are also requesting the possibility to connect to the internet via their mobile phone. Hence companies had to start working on this service as well in the past few years. Internet connectivity is also being provided by means of Wi-Fi systems by means of connectors which clients insert in their laptops. Several companies are continually working to improve speeds and the quality of connectivity so as to make these services more widespread.

Needless to say, the internet has become a must at most people's homes, as well as in offices. Such providers offer different types of packages and plans so as to deal with variances in budgets and preferences. Some clients prefer a very high speed connection, whereas others feel it is enough to pay the cheapest rates for a basic connection.

However nowadays the majority of clients place a lot of emphasis on high speeds. Most people get frustrated waiting for a website to load, or for a file to download. Those who play games online would definitely not want any lags. Hence most companies are utilizing fiber internet connections in order to cater for this need.

These companies also offer digital television and satellite services. Clients will get to choose from various packages so as to select channels they like the most.

Telecommunications providers need to be open to constant change, especially in this type of industry where advancements and developments occur at a very fast pace. Only by being innovative and up to date, can such companies manage to compete and make profits.

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